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Chinese Myths & More

Chinese New Year Cards

Chinese Myths and Fantasy #1

Chinese Myths and Fantasy #2

Dragons In Ancient China

The Ten Chinese Suns

The Celestial Dragon

Pangu Separates the Sky from the Earth 

Nü Wa Makes Men 

Nü Wa Mends the Sky 

Jingwei Determines to Fill up the Sea 

The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains 

The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver 

Chang'er Flies to the Moon 

Jiang Taigong Meets King Wen 

Li Bing Fights the River Deity

Zong Dingbo Catches a Ghost 

Mr. Tan 

Dong Yong's Wife 

The Graves of Three Kings 

The Thousand-Day Liquor

The Gold Colt and the Fire Dragon Shirt

The Story of the Three Genjias

Aniz the Shepherd
The Wooden Horse
The Magic Moneybag
The Golden Reed Pipe
Seeking Her Husband at the Great Wall
The Tiger King's Skin Cloak

The Frog Who Became an Emperor

Tikki Tikki Tembo

Chinese Creation and Flood Myth 

The Dragon King's Daughter

The Old Man of the Steppes Finds a Horse

Old Man Yu Moves the Mountains

The Magic Pear

The Magic Leaf

From Out of Mud

Ghost for Sale

Rat and Cat: Enemies for Life

Li Chi and the Serpent

Paintbrush Adventures

In the Company of Snakes

The Foxy Lady

Cock a Doodle Doo! 

Three Meals a Day 

Tea Monkeys

Devotion & Compassion

Who is the Lady on the Box of Mooncakes?

Aping a Beauty

Making His Mark

Ostrich Logic

The Empty Pot

Mr. Chang and the Yellow Robe 

Two of Everything 

The Magic Tapestry 

The Journey of Meng 

Mu-lan: The Poem

Chinese Tea Stories

Stories to Read and Tell - China

Folktales from China

Chinese Legends 

Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology

The Creation Myth of Yayo

Wu Yan and Su Liu  

The Donkey of Guizhou

A Foolish Man Buys Shoes

Driving a Wedge between the Enemy

Give the Enemy a Ray of Hope

Wu Yan and Su Liu

Never too Deceitful in War

Dead Horse and Talents

Power of Skirts

A Willing Victim Letting Himself Caught

A Mantis Trying to Stop a Chariot

A Loss May Turn Out to Be a Gain  

A Fond Dream of Nanke

A Wily Hare Has Three Burrows

The Fall of a State

The Gentleman on the Beam

Double Happiness

Fish for the Moon in the Well

Stopping Halfway, Never Comes One's Day

A Story of the Dog Hat

A Walk Learner in Handan

Ask a Fox for Its Skin

A Chinese Vest Doudu

Bring the Painted Dragons to Life by Putting Pupils in Their Eyes  

Bian Heh's Jade

Tiger Shoes

Yi Shot Down Nine Suns

The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Terror

Cheap Tricks Never Last

A Painted Snake Makes a Man Sick

No More Tricks, Mr. Nan Guo!

KuaFu Chased the Sun

Mark the Boat for a Dropped Sword

Plucking Up a Crop To Help It Grow

Chinese Proverb Collection



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