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Dealers of Asian Antiquities

Silver Wolf Trading Co.: Fine art, folk art, and furniture of South-East Asia

Tudor Rose Antiques

The Sweet Tea House: Contemporary Tibetan Art Gallery

Alexis Renard: Antiques, Oriental Art, Curiosities

T.C.SIANG official on-line exhibition

Sussex England Antique Tables (excellent classic antiques)

England Antiquated Decorative Antiques (excellent classic antiques)

John Giles Antiques - Petworth England (excellent classic antiques)

The Oak and Country Furniture Partnership (excellent classic antiques)

Peter Cosby Antiques - Petworth UK (excellent classic antiques)

Xanadu Gallery: Antiquities and art from around the world

Michael Backman Ltd.: Islamic, Indian and East Asian Art

FY Chinese antique furniture

1Stop Orient Antique Inc.

Steinbergs World Gold Coins

Mountain Wheel: Himalayan and Asian antiquities and ethnographical

Mountain Wheel: Himalayan and Asian antiquities and ethnographical

La Galliavola Arte Orientale

Michi Trading Company (Houston)

Elizabeth James antiques (Antique Furniture UK, Bay Antiques & useful links)

Silk Road Collection

Isberian Family Oriental Rug Gallery - restoration & appraisal

Mark Powley: Fine Chinese Art

Haoyi & Quing Antique Furniture

Tradewind Treasures - ancient shipwreck pottery jewelery

Beijing Ming Dragon Gallery

Antique Tibet

Torana Galleries (handmade Tibetan & Chinese carpets)

Asian China Antiques Collectibles

CIRAM - Science Laboratory for Art

Calgary Coin Gallery

ABC Fine Oriental Antiques - Art of Bessie Chen

Berwals Oriental Art


TAMA ( Asian antique furniture in contemporary interior settings)

Tibetan Relics: Tibetan and Himalayan art and antique

Teresa Coleman Fine Art

Francesca Galloway

Antiques 5000 Co. Ltd -Chinese antique furniture

Under The Bo

Astamangala: Ancient art from Tibet, Nepal and India

Leiko Coyle Asian Art

Het Magazijn

R&D Antiques and Oriental Art

China Art Gallery

Curios - Chinese Antique Furniture

Sri Asian & Primitive Art

Black Pearl Antiques and Fine Arts, LLC 

Thangka Paintings an Online Thangkas Art Gallery

Asian Artists

Red Gingko  - Asian tribal textile art

Southeast Asiatic Antiques & Ethnic Jewelery

Ancient Chinese Coinage Web Site

Conan Lang Arts of Asia


Lotus Asian Art & Antiques

Greentea Design: oriental furniture

Linda Wrigglesworth Ltd.

Forbidden City Erotica

Shen's Gallery: antique and re-designed Chinese furnishings

Wei Asian Arts: Chinese and S.E. Asian Works of Art

Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales Company --- China - Beijing ...

Arts of Lanna: Thailand: Arts of S.E. Asia

Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild: Lhasa, Tibet

Edward Pranger, Oriental Art

Au Lion Des Neiges: Objets Anciens de Culture Tibétaine

The Textile Art Collection: Japanese Textile Art

Galerie Le Toit Du Monde: Arts of the Himalayas

Peking Art Importers 

Throckmorton Fine Art

SinoCurio|Chinese Antique Furniture,Chinese Antique,Ceramic ...

Art Treasures Gallery

Wei-Yang Antiques & Collectibles 

Window of the Sacred World

Black Zebra (furniture)

Alberto Manuel Cheung gallery


Eastern Curio Shanghai Ltd.

Traditional folk arts from Qingyunge

A Breath of Art

Tai Gallery / Textile Arts

Orientique - Porcelain, Antiques and Art
Himalayan Bowls (Excellent + SOUNDS)

Angelo Attilio Attili Gallery

Eastern Crafts: Tibetan and Chinese art and artifacts

Robyn Turner Gallery: Jade & Asian Art

Ivory Hound (nice ivory pieces)

Nicholas Pitcher: Oriental Ceramics & Works of Art

Gone Beyond Gallery (African, Asia & Oceania Art)

Traders of the Lost Art Gallery

Taiwan Coin and Stamp Dealer (in Chinese)

Chinese Classic Book Store

Asian Rare Book Company

Asian American Books (AACP)

Jewel of the Lotus (jewelry & antiques)

Carlo Cristi Gallery

Renzo Freschi Oriental Art

Asian Art Source Company of the U.K.

John Eskenazi Ltd.

Peaceful Wind Gallery

Joseph G. Gerena Fine Art Gallery

Eleanor Abraham Asian Art

Indonesian Textile Arts Gallery

Thomas Murray gallery

Arthur Millner Gallery (Indian & Islamic Art)

Marcel Niles Gallery

Christopher Bruckner Asian Art gallery

Michael & Henrietta Spink Oriental Antiquities

Marc Richards Gallery

Nancy Wiener Gallery

Rossi & Rossi Gallery

Cynthia Shaver Gallery (Japanese)

Arnold H. Lieberman Greathere Ltd (Buddhist Art)

Fitzwilliam Ltd (Ancient Arts of Asia)

My East Gallery 

Indigo Gallery (India Art)

Robert Smith Textiles Gallery

Himalayan Antiques Gallery

Michael Cohn Asian Antiquities

Alexander Götz 

Jazmin Asian Arts

Himalayan Typical Art

Art & Antiques - Bachmann & Eckenstein

William M. Rosenblum Rare Coins

Arthur Leeper Asian Arts

The Art of Tibet

Tosoart Tibetan Art

Tingri Antiques - Tibetan and Mongolian 

La Galliavola Oriental Art 

Garuda Wood Carving 

Circa Trade's Buddhist Art 

Asta Mangala

Art of Thangka Paintings

Antique Jades - Chinese Jade Carvings

Antiques by Zaar - Chinese Antique Furniture

Art & Antiques - Dealing in Asian Art 

Art Scene China

Asiawind Art Gallary 


China Avant-Garde 

China Coast

Chinese Music Instruments 

Chinese Paintings

Classical Chinese Furniture

eChinaArt - The Chinese Art Portal Site 

Gallery Opus, Art Exhibition Online, Hong Kong 

Home Decoration and Furniture made in China

HYC's Chinese Treasure House

Just Anthony 

Ke Chinese Furniture 

Koh's Chinese Antique Ceramics Corner 

Marc Richards - Chinese Ceramics and Bronzes 

Meiping Asian Art Gallery 

New Chinese Art 

Oriental Collectible

Perry S. Prince

Shangh Art

Shen's Gallery & Imports

Soft Brush Studio

Vermeer & Griggs Asian Art 

Virginia Lloyd-Davies, Chinese Brush Artist

Wan Fung Art Gallery

Asian Fine Art Berlin


Asian Arts & antiques

A1 GuDong Antiques

Antique Zen 

Art Exhibition Online, Hong Kong, a portfolio

The Ancient Coin Store (mainly Greek/Roman, some Asian)

Eastern Crafts (Chinese & Tibetian)

A-Yantra Oriental Antiques from Himalaya

The Ancient Coin Store

Michael Kopald/Spring Studio

Myrna Myers: Paris - jades and silk textiles

33 Dynasties - New York, USA - Oriental Antiques 

Randel Gallery - New York, USA - Chinese Art

China antique carpet collection

Eskenazi Ltd

A & J Speelman Ltd

Christopher Cooke Antiques Limited


Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain and Art

The Textile Gallery

Asian Art Exhibitions

Asian Art Museum

China: One Hundred Treasures

Taoism and The Arts of China

Treasures of the Chinese Scholar

The Splendors of Imperial China

Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan

Heavens' Embroidered Cloths - One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles

T'ang Haywen: Paths of Ink : Musée Guimet

From Court to Caravan: Chinese Tomb Sculptures

Tibet: Mountains and Valleys, Castles and Tents

London: The Fall Season 2002

Kesi Silks

Tribal Trappings 

Alberto Manuel Cheung Gallery

Ke Chinese Furniture 

South East Asia Antiques 

Panasia Gallery: Far Eastern Antiquities

Soo Tze Oriental Antiques

Funlin Antiques & Crafts

Y & T - Chinese antique furniture 

All Collectables

Asian Master Piece

Zacke Auctions & Gallery AG

Chinese Furniture-Easterncurio

House of Choy Europe - Online Webshop for Asian Art

Scott Semans World Coins Home Page

Semans World Coins: Info: Counterfeit Ancient Chinese Coins

Scott S. Gordon Asian Arts


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